There is no Risk factor arises if you choose the right Contractor/AMC service provider which can be scrutinized by Authorization, Credibility and Expertise because every service provider in the elevator industry knows their responsibility towards the safety of elevator users and themselves has bound to maintain the law formed by the Governing authority(PWD). Elecon Elevators & Escalators do the Planned Preventive Maintenance program and Service (based on health status of elevator) ensures increasing the life of the equipment.

  • 1. If the main rope broken/removed.
  • 2. If the brake system collapses.
  • 3. If the main sheave groove worn out.
  • 4. If the main shaft broken.
  • 5. Due to any electrical circuitry fault.

Generally all the main ropes never brakes altogether. If the main ropes broken then there is an additional safety mechanism which is incorporated with every elevator calls OSG unit comes into operation and hold the elevator/cabin from free fall in condition no 1, 2, 3 & 4. In condition 5 there is another electrical safety system incorporated with every elevator known as final limit switches which is fixed in the elevator shaft (lift well) operates and cut off the electrical circuit immediately. In some conditions both the mechanism works together to stop the free fall by both Mechanical and Electrically.

Yes, Subject to obsolete & availability. Most of the spares of any make/model are available in the market. Generally the people who are associated with elevator industry for long period are became the vendors/manufactures who provides different spares. Most of the branded companies are also procuring spares from the same vendor and assembles the whole elevator at site/factory.

Most of the accidents happen due to negligence of people in rescue operation while person trap, or bypasses the safety mechanism by the petty contractor. Lack of knowledge in rescue operation is also a cause of such incidents. As a precautionary method especially we at Elecon elevators conduct safety training (Value Added Services) to our customers twice in a year minimum in our AMC schedule. Now the governing authority (PWD) is taking very strict action against such case to avoid any kind of unforeseen accidents.

Generally No. Because the door sensor interrupts and will not close the door (Auto door only). Apart of this elevator will start only after complete the circuit both mechanically and electrically (another safety system) which is incorporated in every elevator.

No. Because there is natural proper ventilation duct is available in every elevator (Generally fan duct) at all times in case of power failure also which is as per PWD norms. The lift cabin is just like closed cabin of your office/closed room in your house. No need of panic and worry if trapped in the elevator because there is a proper procedure of rescuing person trapped in the elevator.(Please go through our safety manual).

( Just think about the people who are working in the elevator industry spends more than six hours almost every day in closed lift cabin/lift well while carry out installation / maintenance work of elevators ).

Our over head expenses are less comparatively with the OEMs. There is no revenue generation target given to our technical staff / Engineers. All OEMs have the system of yearly revenue generation target to their staff / Engineers, which they have to achieve at any cost in stipulated period to get their incentives/bonus. Almost every OEMs quote their AMC cost based on the overheads and revenue generation target / growth target etc of the company.

First time in the elevator industry we introduced Customer Loyalty Plan (CLP) benefits in long term contracts for better saving towards your AMC price year by year.

Note: Above given information are based on assuming that all safety incorporated in the elevator is intact. If any malfunction /misalignment may chance to cause happen any unforeseen incidents.

This can be decided on the basis of Health of elevator and choice/budget. The life of major components covered in the Comprehensive AMC is more than 15 to 20 years if properly maintained. If you sign up a Comprehensive AMC means the cost will be increased and you have to pay the amount which is not required today and the need may arise after 20 years. That means you are not getting the real value for money which you paid to the OEMs. But generally OEMs always suggest sign Comprehensive AMC because they will get more surplus money in the same, which is not required to maintain your elevator but increase the profitability of OEM’s.

Hence we suggests semi comprehensive contract, because the Elecon Semi Comprehensive AMC is specially designed as per the health of the elevator, and your budget. On the contrary some of the components which covered in OEM’s Comprehensive AMC covered in Elecon’s Semi Comprehensive AMC which will give you good value for money.

Note: Above given information are based on assuming that all safety incorporated in the elevator is intact. If any malfunction /misalignment may chance to cause happen any unforeseen incidents.